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By providing safety, impeccable service using our extensive experience – we have a wide-ranging portfolio of tours designed to create wonderful holiday, adventure or even extended business trip memories. Our collective “can do” attitude enables us to assist both our travel agency clients and direct customers to select/modify and book the tours best fitted to our customers desires.


Samban Theng

Founder & Business Developer

Having seven years tour industry experience Samban established the tour company Merry Travel Asia on the 29th December 2009. Samban was born and raised in Kampong Speu Province which is 48km away from Phnom Penh and after meeting “a very special lady” moved to Siem Reap in 2002 – which was a pivot point in his life. Now married and settled in Siem Reap, Samban has been determined to bring the quality of Cambodian Tours to be equal/better than what is available in any western country. He directs much of his time and Merry Travel Asias resources improving local communities. His love for the outdoors via Cycling, 4WD, Dirt-Biking and Canoeing has been a major influence on the contents of Merry Travel Asia’s out back adventure tours.

Rath Chief accounting
Linda Assistant accounting
Sokly Koem Reservation Officer at Merry Travel Asia

Why Choose Us ?

  1. Insider Access: We let you experience the Cambodia, not just see it.

    Merry Travel Asia’s extensive Cambodia network of insiders and experts allows us to create the trip you’ve been dreaming about. Want to make Amok in Siem Reap with a legendary chef? Go to visit temples of Angkor without crowds? How about interaction with local family living in floating village, or have a private helicopter ride to visit Preah Vihea temple? Would you like an off-road ride with Dirt Bike or 4WD to visit the last rain-forest? We can make it happen. We can also arrange for you to travel through Cambodia by bikes and can have you sleeping in a room in a luxury tent in the middle nowhere, or homestay with the hill tribes. We have more knowledge, relationships, and expertise than anyone in the industry, and we use it create one-of-a-kind journeys and experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

  2. In-depth Firsthand Destination Knowledge: We are here in Cambodia

    Every travel suggestion we make is based on our personal experiences, and we continue to travel the new places to ensure that our recommendations are accurate and inspired. We don’t just know the best hotels and restaurants; we know the rooms with the best views and the best local dishes. We don’t just connect you with random chefs, experienced g guides, surf instructors, and artists; we connect you with true experts we know well enough to call friends. We don’t just suggest places we’ve read about; we suggest the far-flung islands, ancient temples, and jungle camping that we’ve been to ourselves and still dream about everyday. We are discerning, we are opinionated, and we welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge with you.

  3. Personalized Service: We create trips that are perfect for you

    We learn about your interests so we can create a customized itinerary that really inspires you. We have arranged for art lovers to meet up-and-coming visual archeologist in Angkor and learn centuries old metal-working techniques in Angkor. Spiritual seekers have made pilgrimages to see Hill Tribes deep in the Northeast bush, and have sat with monks in local pagoda in country. We can build a trip around any of your passions or desires, such as outdoor activities, cooking, yoga, archaeology, or volunteering, or M.I.C.E, or student group or just incorporate them into a larger journey.

  4. More than 10 Years of Experience: We are visionaries

    Our founder, Sam Ban Theng, was one of the longest experienced tour guides in Cambodia. With more than 10 years experienced tour guide in travel industry to serve clients from very adventurous up to high-end Sam created his own company in 29th December 2009. Sam brought tourists to unexplored parts of the Cambodia and innovated the luxury travel experience by making it completely personal and extreme adventure by Kayaking, Biking, 4WD, Dirt-bike. Sam’s dedicated his life to creating unique, adventure, and luxury trips for travelers who want to experience the staggering and diverse beauty of the Cambodia, and he’s staffed this company with people who want to share the power and joy of travel as much as he does. You simply won’t find another company who knows Cambodia as well, is as excited by it, and who will inspire you to see it so thoroughly.

  5. Peace of Mind: We take care of you

    Merry journeys are worry-free. We have expert local staff in every city who are always working behind-the-scenes so you can just focus on having a great time. Our local staff, along with the rest of the Merry Travel Asia team, are available not just to ensure your happiness, but to ensure your safety and comfort as well. When you travel with us, you can feel confident knowing that if you encounter any sort of issue, we will be there to assist you.

Giving back

Asia still manages to amaze us every time by the people who have the least, but are the most generous and most hospitable. Every beautiful moment spent in the rural areas of this fantastic continent warms our hearts with every locals call. In Asia it’s pretty common to be invited into simple rural homes with offers of tea, lots of smiles and the promise of lasting friendship. Giving back is our way of reciprocating that level of generosity and this is done by, donating cattle, building wells, and sponsoring disadvantaged children to go to school. What we aim to do here at Merry Travel Asia, is to give back to every community that we visit by improving the education of the local people, and helping them to understand how to maintain a sustainable living whilst keeping their traditions rich in culture.

Guides & Vehicules

Merry Travel Asia selects its drivers and guides based on experience, appearance and flexibility. All guides and drivers receive regular training courses in first aid, product up-dates, market knowledge, and company adherence. For Merry Travel Asia we would select only 1st class drivers and guides.

Our guides speak the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • French
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • German
  • Thai

Our drivers mostly speak English, not fluently like the guides, but sufficient enough to make people feel comfortable. In case no guide is required, MTA will select a driver that speaks proper English.

We select our drivers based on 6 key principles:

  • Presentation (grooming and personal appearance)
  • Helpfulness and friendliness
  • Ability to adapt and cooperate with guide
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Flexibility
  • Proven record of safety and maintenance of vehicle

Luxury Limousine (Transfers & VIP land tour)

Luxurious cars can be provided for your VIP clients including BMW and Mercedes-Benz in both cities, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap for Airport Transfers and tours.

Toyota Lexus 300 XR / Toyota Camry (1-2pax for regular tour)

The cars we select for our guests are not older than the year 2002. All cars have to comply to our strict safety regulations and are all documented in our systems before they are assigned to any tours. Before guests are picked up, our logistics staff checks the vehicle

We use two types of minivans in Cambodia

  • Standard Mini-van of 12-15 seats (3-6 persons), Maidens Ssangyong Made in Korea (2002)
  • VIP Mini-van of 12-15 seats (3-6 persons), Toyota Hiace (2014-18)

Bus 25-45 seats

For larger groups we use imported buses from mainly Korea and Japan.  The drivers also offer their best services to our guests. All buses have been screened through our safety checklist and all drivers have received training in grooming, care and driving instructions.


All vehicles are subject to a 34 question long safety checklist. All vehicles are checked daily on seatbelts, air conditioning, tires and windows (no cracks). Drivers are obliged to wear proper attire and shoes and need to be in the possession of a driver’s license. Drivers always open and close doors for guests and offer water and wet towels after sightseeing.