Cambodia Cycling Tours

Cambodia Cycling Tours are the best adventure tours which show you the cultures, traditions, and varied lifestyles of people living in the country. A Cambodia is a small country that located in Southeast Asia, which is bordering Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand, which very potential for Cycling Tours.

Cambodia is the best country for cycling tours, flat and back road cycling tours are recommended to do in provinces around Tonle Sap Lake and down south to Kep, Kampot as far as to Vietnam border. Fun ride in the back road, small trails in the jungle of Angkor complex to visit different Angkor temples. This type of tours will provide you the opportunities to visit ruins differently from other tourists, get closer to locals people in the remote villages, local culture experience by staying in a home and cycling on the coastline to visit the cities on beaches.

To say precisely, Cycling Tours are the best option for the people who want to meet the native people and interact with them, experience their warm hospitality. But, to experience the real Cambodia, you need the best Cambodia Cycling Tour operator who is the inhabitant of Cambodia.

Merry Travels Asia is one of the best tour operators which has years of experience in organizing the cycling tours in Cambodia successfully. We are the local cycling tour organizers, officially licensed by Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia. As we are the inhabitants of Cambodia, we can show you the real Cambodia.

Cambodia Cycling Tours Guides

Merry Travel Asia has the best Cycling Tour Guides who are also the locals of our country and have years of experience in Cycling Tours. Our Cambodia Cycling Tour Guides are very talkative and can mingle with people easily. We are well known for our Cambodia Cycling Tour Guides as they are very passionate about our country, traditions, and cultures. They can explain to you everything about our country and can take of you as well. All you have to do is to take safety measures while riding your bicycle.

With the help of our experienced, passionate Cycling Tour Guides, we organized many Cycling Tours in the country.

Cambodia Cycling Tours Packages

Cambodia Cycling Tour Packages of Merry Travels Asia are very reasonable compared many cycling tour operators in Cambodia. We offer plenty of tours that available from Cycling Day Trips in Siem Reap up 3-day, 7-day, and 2-week Cycling Tours. The best Cambodia Cycling Tour Packages that we recommend are 7-day Mekong Cycling Tour Package, 9-day Tonle Sap Cycling Tour Package, and 14-day Cambodia cycling tour package.

  • Angkor Cycling 3 days
  • Siem Reap Cycling 4 days
  • Phnom Kulen Cycling 5 days
  • Mekong Cycling 5 days
  • Kampong Thom Cycling 3 days
  • Battambang Cycling 3 days
  • Kampot Cycling 3 days
  • Sihanouk Ville Cycling 5 days
  • Perfect Cambodia Cycling 14 days