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Sai Fong Koh and party

Dear Voant,

Greetings from Malaysia ! How are Voant? We arrived Malaysia last night at about 8pm – Malaysia time. We had a great time in Cambodia. After visited your country, we felt so lucky that we lived in our country. We heard about your country current political policies, education, how you people try to earn a living in your country. But what really impress us the most was your company’s hospitality, friendly driver & tour guide. I shall recommend your company to any of my friend who wish to visit Cambodia in the near future. And of cause, I will never forget you – Voant, my new found friend in Cambodia. Do keep in touch, who know I will re-visit your country again. I will never forget the tour guide – Soviet & Pondok(sorry, can’t spell their name properly). Please send my regards to them.

Take care.

Sai Fong